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I grew up in Sandy, Utah and graduated from Brighton High School.

After receiving my BA in Communications from BYU in 2013, I took my first sports job in Anchorage, Alaska. The sports scene in the Last Frontier is completely different than it is here in Utah. Instead of Utes, Cougars, Aggies, and Jazz we were covering dog mushing, skiing, and a slew of high school sports from football to hockey. I learned how to tell stories in Alaska.

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t like sports. As a kid, I played little league basketball and baseball. In baseball, I was so small and scared of the ball that when I was up to bat my coach would tell me to crouch down as low as I could to make the strike zone as small as possible. I was such an offensive liability, it was sad. In basketball, I could dribble the heck out of the ball, but when it came time to shoot, I could barely get the ball above the rim.

Covering sports has sent me all over the country from Barrow, Alaska to Indianapolis, Indiana and everywhere in between but now that I’m back in Salt Lake City, I can finally say I’m home.