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Rod Decker has worked as a reporter and talk-show host at Channel 2 for more than two decades. He's also the eldest member of the 2News staff.

Decker grew up in Salt Lake City, and graduated from East High School and the University of Utah. He went to graduate school at the University of Chicago, and later spent a year at Harvard as a Nieman Fellow. He worked as a columnist and editorial writer at the Deseret News for eight years, before he came to KUTV.

Decker was an intelligence officer in Vietnam, where he served 18 months. (He says if you think about that, you might begin to understand why we lost that war.)

He is married to Christine Decker, a juvenile court judge, and they have three children, all of whom have left home, and none of whom have any children of their own. (Considering his lack of grandchildren, Decker is about to acknowledge himself a failure as a parent.)

Decker has written a mystery novel, An Environment for Murder, set in Utah. He is currently working on a non-fiction book about Utah.