Find Your Inner Artist with Gifted Custom Art and the Paint Mixer

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(KUTV) The people behind Gifted Custom Art and the Paint Mixer visited Fresh Living with some great ideas for date night or your at-home creation.

Gifted Custom Art is the first fully automated, on demand, custom paint by number company on Planet Earth. The Gifted Vision is to help everyone on this planet Paint a Legacy and develop self esteem through fun and fine art. The Gifted Legacy is generations of families and friends creating a timeless masterpiece. Imagine your Great Grandmother or Grandfather or other family members painting you and you touching it up every year on the anniversary of their passing to one day leave it for your kids. Thanks to our patented software, hardware, and services, leaving a Legacy with Gifted is now possible.

If you are looking for The Gifted Experience™ in the comfort of your own home, its simple. You can have one of our Licensed Partners run a party for you or you may purchase a Gifted Kit online. Both are simple, submit your photo of a loved one or something else special to you, choose your colors, and we take care of the rest. If you want to sip and paint, look for our Licensed Partners in your city by going to our location page. Our amazing partners allow us to bring The Gifted Experience™ in your back ground and our cutting edge technology provides you the opportunity to paint a priceless personalized masterpiece for under $200. The Gifted Experience™ is all about the one to one approach. You + Painting Who You Love + Your Masterpiece + Leaving a Legacy = The Gifted Experience™.

Gifted, its personal. From our garage to yours.

Gifted Custom Art was founded by Kevin West, a professional artist of 15 years and counting. Kevin had visions to teach inner city kids how to paint while he lay in the hospital battling stage 3 cancer. This idea was born immediately following Kevin's surgery to remove a football size tumor from his hamstring, while in the garage painting. His five-year-old daughter and her cousin, asked if they could paint pictures of themselves. Kevin converted their photos into a simplified version of paint by number. Kevin had to deliver a commissioned painting to a customer that night and before he returned home, his wife called and asked if he painted the picture of their daughter because she didn't believe the youngster painted it herself. She urged Kevin to get home quickly and witness the masterpiece first hand. Within seconds of laying eyes on the 5 year-olds self portrait, Kevin knew he had something special. After countless hours of drawing out pictures of people, animals, dream cars, and more for his family, friends, and community, Kevin realized this business model was too time intensive and frankly, to expensive to run by himself at the local level.

That's when Kevin called his old college basketball teammate and friend, Kelly Hipskind. Kelly is a serial entrepreneur whose latest software company was created from scratch, scaled nationally and successfully sold to a larger company. After heading up innovation for a 3,000 person company for a short period of time, Kelly exited to join Gifted. Kevin and Kelly were always close and because they share similar passions for their faith, family, fun and events, it was a natural marriage when they combined their Art and Innovation experience. Kelly started out working remotely because his family had a prearranged journey of traveling around the country in an RV. Gifted began to grow slowly and steadily at first, but it didn't take long for Kevin and Kelly to realize things were getting ready to sky rocket! Kelly brought his family off the road after 4 months and Kevin and Kelly formed a partnership and decided to take Gifted around the globe! They are currently seeking and signing up Licensed Partners who want to be good stewards and Share the Love to every home on Planet Earth.

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