Leggings Project

Leggings Project (KUTV)

(KUTV) Salt Lake City - A Utah mother who lost her daughter at 5-months-old is now doing what she can to give back to other sick children like her daughter. Kendra Webster joined Kari & Dave on Fresh Living to tell us about the Leggings Project and how her daughter, Makenzie, inspired it.

Kendra is a blogger, and shares Makenzie's story best:

Our beautiful Makenzie Rye was born July 18 2009. What a life we had. She was the most beautiful most happy most healthy baby we had ever seen. She smiled from the beginning and brought the greatest amount of joy into our life. We tried to show her as much of the world as we could right from the get go. We never imagined there was ever a problem. The day before her 4 month birthday she was admitted to Primary Children's Hospital where she was kept alive by machines, nurses and doctors. I never left her side. I stayed with her. Played with her. Smiled with her. Slept next to her. Held her. Until her last moments.

We lived an amazing life full of love for almost 5 months but on December 13 2009 we lost her. A rare disease called SMARD is what took her life. Our Makenzie passed away in our arms.

Losing Makenzie inspired Kendra to start the Leggings Project. Kendra takes donations of leggings to help keep children in the hospital warm.

After our girl got sick and was admitted to the PICU she could only wear leggings. Those rooms are so cold and with all the machines those kids are hooked up to they cant wear clothes so leggings really are that much needed. We changed her leggings everyday and the doctors and nurses would come check on what she was wearing each day. They all had their favorites and got so excited when they would see her wearing them. It kept Makenzie warm but it was also something fun.

After Kenzie passed away I knew right away I wanted to share our love of the leggings with as many other kids as we could. The thing that's great about the leggings is you can not only wear them on your legs but your arms as well and they can be worn by kids of all ages.

For details on how to donate or make your own leggings to send to the Leggings Project, go to