LooLoo- The World's First Automatic Toilet Freshener


(KUTV) Salt Lake City - After someone uses the bathroom it smells— well not very good. Air fresheners simply just mix with the stench so you’re left with a mix of lavender and feces. Pre-Toilet sprays are effective, but you have to touch a germ-covered bottle, remember to spray before you do your business, and you can’t force guest and family member to spray. That’s why Taylor Wood invented & founded LooLoo. It’s simple and it’s automatic. Simply place LooLoo on the side of the. It detects the moment you sit down and sprays a blend of essential oils which seals the odors from escaping and eliminates. In addition to eliminating bathroom odors for everyone, LooLoo is equipped with a motion-activated nightlight— no more blinding nighttime journeys. With LooLoo, there is no need to be embarrassed by the smell of the toilet because it won’t stink anymore.

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