Medicare Changes & Open Enrollment

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(KUTV) Salt Lake City - With Medicare open enrollment beginning October 15th, 2017, Fresh Living invited Chuck Moore, Medicare Specialist, to help us navigate the changes coming to Medicare.

10,000 baby boomers turn age 65 every day. Most of these individuals become eligible for Medicare and will need to choose a Medicare Insurance Plan. In addition each year, all Medicare Beneficiaries have an opportunity to make changes to their Insurance Benefits during the Annual Enrollment Period. This year’s enrollment period is from October 15th – December 7th, 2017.

Chuck says, "Medicare is government insurance for individuals over 65 or that qualify for it because of a disability or End Stage Renal Disease. Medicaid is for low income individuals of all ages and regular health insurance is for everyone else. Medicare is a wonderful program that individuals have paid into their entire working lives and often don’t realize they can get better benefits than they have had while they were working. If an individual does not make the required decisions, both when they become eligible as well as each year during the Annual Enrollment Period, they may have penalties they have to pay as well as not have adequate health insurance coverage for the coming year."

"Medicare can be very confusing, there are many different companies with different benefits that will affect each individual differently. My job is to sit down and try to understand their needs and help them make decisions that will benefit them. People need to speak with someone that understands how Medicare works and all of the programs available. What makes what I do so valuable, is that I provide information and education and I don’t charge the client anything. When an individual goes on Medicare they may be left out in the cold with only confusing government documents to answer their questions. I sit down, educate and help them feel at ease with the decisions they are making," states Chuck.

Chuck can be reached at 801-698-3625 or you can email himat You can also go to .