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(KUTV) Salt Lake City - Did you know you can experience The Canadian Rockies by train? Morris Murdock Travel's Cindy Kirby stopped by the Fresh Living studio to talk about Rocky Mountaineer.

Who is Rocky Mountaineer?

Rocky Mountaineer Is Far from a Train Ride through the Mountains Today, Rocky Mountaineer is one of Canada's most popular tourism attractions, with a global reputation and clientele. Rocky Mountaineer is a scenic touring train through the magnificent Canadian Rockies. For train buffs, photographers and travelers who want to "smell the roses," Rocky Mountaineer is bucket list experience. Rocky Mountaineer is a busy enterprise that draws over 100,000 passengers every year. It offers a multitude of itineraries along four main rail routes. Most of them operate from April through October. Most routes run through the Canadian Rockies in Western Canada's British Columbia and Alberta. One route originates in Seattle. The Coast to Coast route goes from Vancouver on the Pacific to Halifax in Atlantic Canada. Routes can be creatively combined, with extra nights at train stops. Cruises to Alaska can be added on, too.

What Kind of Train is Rocky Mountaineer?

Rocky Mountaineer is a leisurely touring train that travels by daylight. It is not a sleeper train nor a lightning-fast bullet train. It takes its time and allows guests to relish the journey and to marvel at (and photograph) Western Canada's spectacular panoramas. Rocky Mountaineer rolls from early morning until very late afternoon. Then, passengers step off to explore the destination a bit, enjoy dinner, and spend the night in a hotel. The hotel room, and sometimes dinner, are part of the ticket price. Breakfast and lunch are served daily. Rocky Mountaineer's first-class (GoldLeaf) passengers dine in an appealing dining car; others at their seats, airline-style. The train's cuisine is fine restaurant quality. Rocky Mountaineer has a number of routes and over 45 packages that can be tailored and combined. Most itineraries are through the Canadian Rockies, the train line's specialty. Rocky Mountaineer's Canadian Rockies Routes Circle Rail begins and ends in captivating Vancouver. It runs 8, 10, or 11 nights. Hotel stops may be for one or two nights.

Station stops:

  • Vancouver
  • Kamloops
  • Whistler
  • Jasper
  • Quesnel
  • Lake Louise
  • Banff

Sample destination activities:

  • Town tours
  • Yoho National Park
  • helicopter flight-seeing

First Passage to the West is a circular route that begins and ends in Vancouver. This is Rocky Mountaineer's most popular route It runs from one to six nights. Rocky Mountaineer is the only passenger railroad that retraces Canada's original tracks. Some itineraries include multiple hotel nights in legendary destinations like Alberta's Lake Louise and Banff Journey through the Clouds passes by Canada's highest peaks. This flexible route runs from one to seven nights. The path: Vancouver through Kamloops to Jasper (or back).

More nights can be added on in Vancouver and Jasper Rainforest to Gold Rush is a northerly route through pristine wilderness. Itineraries take one, four, or eight nights. The route: Whistler through Quesnel to Jasper (or back). Ecosystems experienced: coastal rainforest, high desert, prairie, Jasper National Park.

One highlight: the imposing Mount Robson Coastal Passage begins in Seattle in the U.S. The journey is three nights, but other routes can be added on. The route travels from Seattle to Vancouver, then through the Canadian Rockies Rocky Mountaineer's Whistler Sea to Sky Climb. This one-day journey goes from urban Vancouver to Whistler of Olympic skiing fame, or back. Scenic highlights: Howe Sound, the Coast Mountains, Brandywine Falls, Mount Garibaldi, Cheakamus Canyon Rocky Mountaineer's Canada Coast-to-Coast Route.

This is Rocky Mountaineer's ultimate trek: Canada from Pacific at Atlantic (or back). Stops: Vancouver, Kamloops, Canadian Rockies, Toronto, Montreal, Halifax. The coast-to-coast journey is 14 or 15 nights; between Vancouver and Toronto, 11 or 12 nights. For some segments, passengers transfer to a VIA Rail train Rocky Mountaineer's Rail & Alaska Cruise Passengers may book a pre-train or post-train cruise to Alaska. Partner cruise lines include Holland America and Norwegian Cruise Line. This add-on can be applied to almost any Rocky Mountaineer itinerary Hotels where Rocky Mountaineer passengers stay.

Morris Murdock will be having Explore The Canadian Rockies By Train Event Night with Rocky Mountaineer and Princes Cruise Lines on July 20th at 5:30 pm at their Salt Lake City office. Please RSVP to Bill Grow @ 801-483-6364.

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