Sweet Salt Clothing: How to Dress Down your Sunday Best

Sweet Salt Clothing

(KUTV) Salt Lake City - Many Utahns have a closet full of Sunday clothes that they only touch one day a week. Sweet Salt Clothing's Tara Brooke appeared on Fresh Living with 4 tips on how to dress down your Sunday best so you can wear your clothes all week.

Tip one: Wear a jacket or vest

  • jackets/vests are a great way to make your dresses more casual
  • fabrics recommended: denim or cotton - easy to care for, and affordable
  • jackets/vests look great on a variety of dresses too, so they are a great addition to getting weekday mileage out of your Sunday dresses

Tip two: Select the right footwear

  • instead of heels, try fashionable sneakers or other casual footwear

Tip three: Add a hat

  • a great, easy, and stylish way to make your dress more casual.
  • select a hat that you can pair with multiple outfits, to get the most mileage
  • a hat is a great accessory because you can wear them through out the year — it’s not just a seasonal accessory.

Tip four: Add a fashion scarf

  • add a fashion scarf to give the outfit that fall feel, but also keeping the dress casual.

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