Unleashing Your True Potential

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Tips for Living a Life of Gratitude

(KUTV) Salt Lake City - Do you ever feel like you have so much potential, but don't know how to tap into it? Elevated Worldwide's Co-owner Angie Smart and the President Seth Saunders coached our Fresh Living hosts to unlocking their true potential.

What are you doing to grow and reach your full potential and fulfill your purpose in this life? Many people feel like they have more purpose but yet they do not know the steps to reach that purpose. In a world where comparison seems to be the norm, so many people get caught up in comparing themselves with others in trying to reach their potential that they stumble in trying to grow and reach their full potential. Angie would like to ask the host this question: What specific goals have you set to help you reach your full potential?

Helpful Tips to Reaching Your Potential:

  • Stop comparing to others
  • Take the time to understand who you are and where you want to be
  • Everyday repeat to yourself where you want to be in the present tense Invitation: Find a place where you will not be distracted. Take 10 minutes to just day dream, create a picture of what reaching your potential looks like. Be sure to take the time to write down your impressions and thoughts.

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