Ask The Expert: High Blood Pressure Medication

Ask The Expert: High Blood Pressure Medication. (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) Do you or someone you know have high blood pressure?

Chance Keddington Pharmacy Manager at Intermountain Community Pharmacy answers some of the most common questions about blood pressure medication.

  1. What is high blood pressure? Normal vs. elevated vs. high blood pressure
  2. Basic lifestyle changes to help lower blood pressure. Get moving, diet, cut out salt.
  3. Taking your meds and checking your blood pressure – which can be done at any Intermountain Community Pharmacy.
  4. Any Intermountain Community Pharmacist can update a patient’s medical record so their provider is aware of their blood pressure – if it is an Intermountain Healthcare physician.
  5. Interactions?
  6. Watch for certain side effects when a patient starts blood pressure medications
  7. Free blood pressure checks are available at all Intermountain Pharmacies