Ask The Expert: What is Comprehensive Medication Therapy Management?

Ask The Expert: What is Comprehensive Medication Therapy Management? (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) There is someone out there to manage your changing medications and the interactions each prescription may have with each other.

Mike Carlile, Pharmacist with Intermountain Community Pharmacy at Southridge Pharmacy in Riverton Hospital explains how Comprehensive Medication Therapy Management works.

  1. Comprehensive Medication Therapy Management (or MTM) is medication counseling from a pharmacist for a patient. The pharmacist looks a patient’s medications, supplement, over-the-counter (OTCs) to ensure everything works well with each other so that patients stay safe and that patients get the most out of their medications. Additionally, pharmacists work with physicians to ensure patients receive the best prescription care.
  2. MTM can be used by anyone who is taking medication, whether it is OTC, supplemental or prescription. Patients who take multiple prescriptions should definitely use MTM to ensure everything they’re taking is safe and effective with one another.
  3. Benefit of MTM: MTM helps keeps patients healthier, improves quality of life in patients and, in some cases, patients can decrease or change their medications to improve their health. Pharmacists generally see patients more often than providers so having that relationship with your pharmacist helps improve overall medication therapy.
  4. MTM can be used for OTCs as well. OTCs can interfere with other medications, making patients feel worse.
  5. Setup a time with your pharmacist to talk through your medication lists. Also, bring in your list of medications – prescription, supplement, and OTC to get the most out of MTM.
  6. Intermountain Community Pharmacies make MTM part of their care model so a patient can be sure that they are receiving consistent quality care at any Intermountain Community Pharmacy.
  7. To find the nearest Intermountain Community Pharmacy, go to or use the Health Hub app.