Baby Your Baby: Childbirth classes

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Baby Your Baby: Childbirth classes

(KUTV) There are many childbirth classes available for pregnant mothers, but each provide their own benefits. It’s important to know about each one and decide what’s best for you.

Intermountain offers a variety of childbirth classes. The third trimester course addresses the end of pregnancy and goes over what to expect during labor, deliver, and postpartum.

“With my first I did the childbirth preparation class. I wanted to learn a lot more about the actual process of labor and delivery – what to expect during, but also after the postpartum period,” says Andrea Dansie, second time mom.

One of the most popular classes among many expecting mothers is hypnobirthing. These classes are offered for women who have had a baby or are very interested in going unmedicated. Hypnobirthing encourages unmedicated pregnancies.

“Of course we don’t know how our deliveries are going to go so you can use hypnobirthing during a medicated experience as well,” says Maja Lusk, registered nurse and educator at Intermountain Medical Center.

Andrea was familiar with hypnobirthing having read about it, but with baby number two, she decided to try out a hypnobirthing class.

“I wanted to be somewhere where it would be hands on and interactive. I wanted my husband to be there. Being in the class you’re able to interact with the instructor,” says Andrea.

Although some complications caused her birth to go differently than planned, she is still a big fan of the class.

“I didn’t end up having a fully unmedicated birth like I had planned on, but I was able to use the techniques I had learned in hypnobirthing to stay calm,” says Andrea.

Other classes offered include breastfeeding, sibling courses, as well as Lamaze.

“Lamaze is for women who want to work on breathing technique. This can be used with medicated or unmedicated delivery,” says Lusk.

Courses are offered at various days, times, and locations. For more information about the classes visit Intermountain’s Web Site.

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