Baby Your Baby: Introducing healthy foods to your baby

Introducing healthy foods to your baby (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) Parents have lots of questions when it comes time to introduce solid foods to their baby. However, what you feed your child can actually be pretty simple and easy as long as what you eat is healthy as well.

For Stephanie and Kyle Wallace, six months was then they began introducing their son, Truman, to foods besides breastmilk.

“Really anything we were having for any of the meals we would blend up and give it right to him,” says Stephanie.

Dr. Cannon Marriott, pediatrician from Mountain View Pediatrics and Intermountain Alta View Hospital, says it’s a good time for parents to look at their own food and make sure what they are eating is healthy. He also recommends avoiding the traditional rice cereal for a baby’s first food experience.

“I believe that rice cereal may promote extra eating or refined food later,” says Dr. Marriott.

Instead, start with real, unprocessed foods.

“It’s better to start, when their brain is developing and their body is developing, to eat natural foods or whole foods so they become appetized and accustomed to the taste,” says Dr. Marriott.

Make a point to frequently introduce new textures, flavors, and combinations. Kyle says they made a point to introduce a lot of vegetables early on so he could get used to non-sweet flavors. Now, some of Truman’s favor foods are things like sauerkraut, onions, lemons, and kale.

“One of the easiest and best things that he really likes is kale. We’ll just do kale chips,” says Stephanie.

No specific food is off-limits; however, there is one ingredient to stay away from. Sugar.

“They shouldn’t be having dessert. They don’t need anything sugary or sweet,” reminds Dr. Marriott.

One thing babies do need is a source of iron starting at about six months of age. So be sure to include foods that are iron-rick each day in your child’s diet.

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