Baby Your Baby: Level 2 nurseries

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Baby Your Baby: Level 2 nurseries

(KUTV) The smaller feel of a community hospital appeals to many soon-to-be moms. However, many also wonder if their baby will be okay in the even something goes wrong. This was the case for Kristin Palmer when she found out that her son Zane had stopped growing and would need to be delivered a few weeks early.

“We were afraid we were going to have to deliver at a different hospital than here, and this is where we wanted to deliver,” says Kristin Palmer.

Wanting to deliver at Orem Community Hospital, she was reassured that because of their Level 2 Nursery, everything would be okay. A Level 2 Nursery is a step up from a well-baby nursery. Women who have passed the 34-week mark and have had a healthy pregnancy can usually deliver at a hospital with a Level 2 Nursery. This includes delivering twins. Once born, the goal of a Level 2 Nursery is to help baby while also not having to separate baby from mom.

“We can keep them together. We have an LDRP model here that we love and we keep those moms and babies together as much as possible,” says Shantel White, a level 2 nurse at Orem Community Hospital.

Born weighing just over four pounds, Kristin’s son, Zane, ended up needing a little bit of extra help from nurses and specialists. They worked with him for 12 days to teach him how to each and he had to learn how to suck.

Level 2 nurseries also help babies with breathing, managing blood sugar levels, and fighting against infections. If a baby is in the level 2 nursery but needs some additional help, there are still options available. They can either be transported to a nearby hospital with a NICU or telehealth can be used to bring in a neonatologist for additional high-quality care.

Because her level 2 nursery experience with her son went well, when she was told her daughter had also stopped growing, Kristin knew she could trust them once again and delivered her daughter at Orem Community Hospital as well.

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