Baby Your Baby: Mood Disorders with Pregnancy & Childbirth

Baby Your Baby - Mood Disorders

(KUTV) Pregnancy and childbirth are times in a woman’s life when mood disorders can become serious. For example, postpartum depression affects one is seven new moms. For Katie Jones, pregnancy meant new challenges with her bipolar disorder along with a second mood disorder.

“In the pregnancy they took me off my medication and I hit rock bottom with that,” says Katie.

Doctors decided it was best to keep Katie on her bipolar medications throughout pregnancy.

“Maybe the benefit of you doing better outweighs the risk of what will happen to the pregnancy, and it helped,” says Katie.

Certified Nurse Midwife Emily Meidell with the Intermountain Avenues Specialty Clinic says the best way to take care of your baby is by taking care of yourself. However, Katie’s mood struggles didn’t end once her son was born.

“At first I was excited to have a baby,” says Katie.

Those feelings quickly changed.

“Once you don’t sleep and get exhausted then I just cried all the time,” says Katie.

Those close to her noticed Katie had symptoms of postpartum depression, but she couldn’t see it and didn’t want to listen to what they had to say.

“A lot of times those symptoms are seen by family members or friends first of all. So I always tell women, ‘Please listen to those people that love you that are around you,’” says Meidell.

After realizing she no longer wanted her son and having feeling of wanting to run away, Katie sought out help.

“It’s not going to go away by itself. Get some help. It can last months or years if it’s not taken care of,” says Meidell.

Appropriate medication, therapy, and support helped Katie manage her depression. With her second child, Katie did a few things differently. First, she stayed on her bipolar medications throughout her pregnancy. That helped a lot. Second, even though she once again experienced postpartum depression she was able to recognize the signs right away and get the appropriate help.

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