Baby Your Baby: National Breastfeeding Month

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Baby Your Baby - National Breastfeeding Month.png

(KUTV) August is National Breastfeeding Month and the first week of the month, August 1st-7th, is World Breastfeeding Week. The theme of this week for 2017 is: Sustaining Breastfeeding Together. This means working and collaborating together with families to sustain breastfeeding through partnerships in the community. Judy Harris, a nutrition consultant for Utah Department of Health's EPICC Program stopped by to talk about events taking place in Utah for National Breastfeeding Month.

1) Mountain West Mothers' Milk bank is moving into a building.
Mountain West Mothers' Milk Bank has a new physical building in Salt Lake City. This facility will be used to collect and distribute valuable human milk to our sickest of babies in Utah! Support us by volunteering your time or referring a mother to donate her milk. We are the non-profit that serves Utah!

2) Utah Breastfeeding Coalition has many events for the community to celebrate World Breastfeeding Week.
These events are for families and parents, or professionals, there are many activities that support breastfeeding.

IF YOU ARE A BREASTFEEDING MOTHER….Contact the Mountain West Mothers’ Milk Bank to find a location close to you! NICU babies in need will gain the nutrition and immune protect they need to grow and survive. Thanks moms!

IF YOU ARE A MOTHER OR FATHER TO BE… ask if your hospital has been recognized by the Stepping Up for Utah Babies program! This Utah Department of Health initiative recognizes hospitals for having evidence based policies in place to support a mother's decisions to breastfeed her baby.

IF YOU ARE A WORKING MOTHER OR FATHER…ask if your work site wellness council or employer has breastfeeding policies that are supportive when you return to work.