Baby Your Baby: Never leave your child alone in a car

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Baby Your Baby: Never leave your child alone in a car (KUTV)

(KUTV) With the weather heating up, the rate for childhood injuries also rises.

Today we’re talking about accidental heatstroke. Leaving a child unattended in a vehicle, even for just a few minutes, can have tragic results. Jessica Strong is Primary Children’s Hospital’s Community Benefit and Outreach Manager.

She’s here with reminders and prevention tips to help keep your baby safe.

  • Never leave your child alone in a vehicle – even for a few minutes.
  • An average 38 children die each year from being left alone in a vehicle, about a third of them infants. So far this year, six have died nationwide.
  • Since 1998, 706 children have died of heatstroke while alone in cars.
  • A child’s body temperature can increase 3-5 times faster than an adults.
  • Cracking a window has very little effect on the temperature inside the car.

What you can do:

  • Sometimes, children and toddlers are left alone in vehicles because the driver forgot they were there. This can happen to anyone, and with tragic consequences.
  • We recommended parents and caregivers make a habit of checking your vehicle before leaving it.
  • Keep a visual reminder next to you in the car as a cue that a child is with you. Examples:
  • Place a stuffed animal or diaper bag in the seat next to you
  • Place something you will need when you arrive at your destination in the back seat, like a cell phone or purse
  • If you see a child left alone in a car, contact the police or call 911

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