Baby Your Baby: Non-Separation Couplet Care

Baby Your Baby: Non-Separation Couplet Care
(KUTV) The time mom and baby spend together in the hospital is priceless and provides a number of benefits. This is why non-separation couplet care aims to keep them together as much as possible. This model of care allows mom and baby to spend as much time together as possible while in the hospital.

“We try to eliminate as many interruptions, if not all to mom and baby, especially during that very important time, the first hour after birth,” says Anne-Marie Savage, director of women’s and children’s services for Intermountain Hospitals in Utah County.

Instead of taking baby to the nursery, many routine checks can now happen right at mom’s bedside and sometimes right in mom’s arms. Baby’s first bath can also take place in the room.

“Bathing in the room now for mom so she can participate in that event now while at the same time being educated about best practice,” says Savage.

Non-separation care provides a number of benefits. It helps babies regulate their temperature, stabilize blood sugar, and manage breathing. For mom, time together improves bonding and promotes breastfeeding.

“It improves mom’s milk production as well as her confidence in the latch and the outcome thereof,” explains Savage.

This isn’t just for vaginal delivery mothers. Moms who have a C-section aren’t left out during this process. They can participate in this type of care as well.

“We want to afford her the same opportunities of bonding and the physiological benefits of it to that newborn,” says Savage.