Baby Your Baby: Planning & Activities to Address in Your 3rd Trimester

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Baby Your Baby: Planning & Activities to Address in Your 3rd Trimester (KUTV)

(KUTV) With your due date finally just around the corner, you're eager to hold that baby in your arms—and maybe nervous about giving birth, too. You enter the third trimester filled with energy, but as your body continues to grow and change, you may start to feel tired and experience new aches and pains. By this point, you'll want to be sure to go through your deliver checklist to ensure you're ready for the big day.

Here are some things that you'll want to keep in mind to discuss and decide with your provider during your 3rd trimester, says Heather Scott, DNP, CNM, a certified nurse midwife at the Intermountain Avenues Specialty Clinic who delivers babies at LDS Hospital.

1. Do you wish to have a medicated or non-medicated labor? It's important to discuss your preferences for pain management with your healthcare provider.

2. Do you plan to have any participants in room? Who are they and what will their role be?

3. What type of room environment do you prefer during labor and delivery?

4. Do you want to experience skin-to-skin contact with your baby after delivery?

5. Do you want to have delayed cord clamping? Who will cut the cord?

6. Do you plan to bottle or breastfeed?

7. Have you selected a pediatrician?

Your provider can help you stick to your birth plan as much as possible, or help you address things if the birth plan has to change during labor circumstances.

The goal of the provider and the hospital is to help you and your baby have the best delivery experience possible.