Baby Your Baby: 5 places to protect infants from summer heat

Baby Your Baby: Protect infants from summer heat. (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) Hot temperatures are a summer staple. However, for infants, excess heat can become dangerous. We have a few ways parents can make sure their baby stays cool during the summer.

Keep your baby cool this summer by dressing them in lightweight, cotton clothing. You can dress them the same way you dress.

“If you are in a t-shirt, they can be in a t-shirt. If you’re in shorts, put them in shorts,” says Sadie Dahlsrud, registered nurse and prenatal educator at Sevier Valley Hospital.

Search for shady areas and use caution between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. That’s when UV rays are the strongest and is typically the warmest time of day.

Adults get dehydrated in the heat and so do babies. When it’s hot, babies need more milk or formula.

“If you’re outside in the heat and the sun, making sure they’re drinking at least 50% more than they do normally,” says Dahlsrud.

Always consider the temperature inside baby’s stroller. The space can heat up very, very quickly because airflow is impeded and heat accumulates. Avoid covering them with a blanket because it can create a greenhouse effect and cause temps to rise.

“Even if you’re jogging with your infant, check on your baby every 10-15 minutes and make sure that they’re not getting too hot,” says Dahlsrud.

Symptoms to look for:

• Irritability

• Flushed cheeks

• Restlessness

• Beads of sweat on the nose

• Rapid breathing

Car Safety
Never leave your baby in the car. Even if you think you’re only going to be one minute, it’s never worth the risk.

“We always take longer than we think we’re going to, so just play it safe. Take your baby in with you, even if you are going to be quick,” recommends Dahlsrud.

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