Baby Your Baby: Simply Birth Suites

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Baby Your Baby: Simply Birth Suites (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) Expecting mothers have many choices when deciding how and where they would like to give birth. For Trinity Fletcher, a Simply Birth Suite at Dixie Regional Medical Center was exactly what she was looking for.

“I didn’t want a home birth, but I really liked the idea of doing something close to that,” says Trinity.

Moms are able to give birth knowing if something goes wrong, they have the safety net of the hospital, and help is immediately available.

“About 95% of low-risk women’s childbirth experience will go off without a hitch, but for that 5% that get into trouble, time is of the essence,” says Cathy Eldridge, a registered nurse and prenatal education coordinator and care manager for Dixie Regional Simply Birth.

In a room that looks more like a hotel than a hospital, women choose how they labor. This includes anything not having an IV, labor and delivering in whatever position is most comfortable, eating throughout the day, and do not require continuous monitoring.

“We just listen intermittently to the baby’s heart rate,” says Cathy.

Trinity describes her birth experience as calm. She spent a few hours relaxing and even took a nap. After that she decided to speed up the process.

“My water was broken at 4 p.m. and then she was born at 6:19,” says Trinity.

Childbirth classes are encouraged for all Simply Birth moms, and Trinity credits hypnobirthing for being one reason her birthing experience was so positive.

“It was such a beautiful and calm thing. Definitely still very, very difficult but a good experience. I think it was as close to a perfect experience as you can get,” says Trinity.

Not everyone is eligible to give birth in a Simply Birth Suite. This includes pregnancies labeled as complicated, high-risk, or involving multiples. If a mom wasn’t to go medicated then that is another reason a traditional hospital birth would be recommended.

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