Check Your Health: National Nutrition Month and the importance of breastfeeding


(KUTV) — March is upon us, and March is national nutrition month. When it comes to nutrition we tend to focus on avoiding junk food and eating a healthier diet, but we want to talk for a moment today on important nutrition for our infants and babies, which of course is mother’s milk. Breastfeeding is the very best nutrition! It is exactly the super food a baby needs to grow and develop properly. Breastfeeding provides other perks such as the incredible bond a mother and child form during feeding. In Utah over 90% of our mother’s breastfeed their babies. We should take pride in the great job we’re doing of caring for our children.

In Utah, we have two great groups that support breastfeeding, and Judy Harris, a breastfeeding coordinator with the Utah Department of Health, stopped by to share information about them.

1. The Utah Breastfeeding Coalition works to support families in the workplace, nursing in public and is a great place to find resources. They are a great group of women; if you wish to be part of this working group visit:

2. The Mountain West Mothers’ Milk Bank (MWMMB) is unique, in that it is the only non-profit organization collecting donated milk and distributing it back into our community prioritizing the neediest infants.

Donating breastmilk is always a good thing, and we urge you to donate if possible. It’s also very important to choose your donor organization carefully, as most are for-profit operations.

MWMMB has grown to 27 donor milk collection locations and have collected almost 1000 gallons of donor milk. We have a fun event this Saturday. It’s our Golden Milk Gala. We’ll have both silent and live auctions, lovely dinner and time to socialize with some great people in the community. The Gala is this Saturday, March 4th, 6-9 PM at the Utah Cultural Celebration Center located at 1355 West 3100 South in West Valley City. Everyone is invited, if you wish to attend please see our website for details.