Check Your Health: Apps can help you manage diabetes

Check Your Health: Apps can help you manage diabetes (File photo: MGN Online)

(KUTV) Cory Page, a pharmacist with the Utah Valley Diabetes Management Clinic stopped by 2News to help teach us about apps can help you manage diabetes.

Why use an app?

  • Technology-driven society. The younger generation particularly are motivated by apps and the data that they can provide.
  • An app can help you maintain record of your glucose control, insulin doses, changes in therapy, and exercise.
  • An app can also allow your caregiver access to your data as well – depending on which app you choose.
  • Apps such as BG Monitor Diabetes and Glucose Buddy allow you to place into the app your insulin doses and it will help you to calculate the correct dose of insulin based on the information you have provided.
  • The app Dexcom Clarity allows you to share your continuous glucose data with parents. This will allow them to detect potentially dangerous situations related to blood glucose control.
  • Each person has their own particular set of challenges and particular focus. There are a lot of apps available, it is a matter of finding which one is best for you.

What benefit is there to an app for children?

  • Glucose data is crucial to the monitoring of Diabetes. An app that allows a child to have access to glucose control can prevent frustrations at home.
  • Real-time information and visual reminders of treatment and the effectiveness of that treatment help to promote a better working relationship between parents and children.
  • It’s a challenging time as adolescent children with diabetes are learning and gaining their independence with diabetes control.
  • An app can help to keep track of response or delay of treatment.
  • For more information about diabetes and management of the disease, please call Utah Valley Diabetes Management Clinic at 801-357-7546.