Check Your Health: How to avoiding running injuries

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How to avoiding running injuries

(KUTV) Looking to run a race? If so, it’s important to address your running form and technique before training begins. Doing this can help avoid an injury down the line.

“As you’re adding your mileage up to train for those runs, you want to make sure you’re doing it correctly,” said Rebecca Bennion, running program coordinator at TOSH.

Whether it’s your first 5k or you’re a racing veteran, fundamentals are a must. Running is a skilled movement pattern and so you want to practice and train for that. Bad habits and improper movement lead to injury which is why at TOSH, you can come in and get a gait analysis.

“We film them from behind and from the side and then we talk about what we see, how we can improve that,” explains Bennion.

TOSH experts help supplement your running with some mobility and strength exercises. It’s key to have a warmup and stretching routine for before and after your runs.

Daily running can be hard on the body. Try switching up the repetitive foot to pavement routine and incorporate activities like Pilates, biking, or swimming into your training.

“Just finding those types of regimens to add makes a huge difference,” emphasizes Bennion.

Other injury prevention tips – start slow. Increase your mileage gradually and don’t jump into long runs too quickly. If you’re new to running, start with a walk/jog mentality.

Last but not least – make sure you have good shoes.

“If your shoes are old and you’ve run a few miles on them, even though they still may look new, they can only take so much mileage and you need to replace them,” Bennion said.

TOSH offers FREE training seminars. The next one is Thursday, April 13th at 7:00 p.m. For more information about the TOSH running program call (801) 314-4037 or email

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