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Janice Gregorius
5K Power Walk - Senior Games

(KUTV) Preparing for a race involves more than just physical preparation; mental prep is just as important. Mary Nickles introduces us to one Utah woman who used inner wellness to help her reach the finish line at the Huntsman World Senior Games.

Janice Gregorius was a caregiver for both her mom and husband.

“When my husband died and my mother died 26 days later, I said, “You know what? I think I need some help,” says Janice.

She started at the Intermountain LiVe Well Center in St. George with whole-person wellness.

“That includes not only physical health and wellness, it also includes inner wellness,” says Hannah Rothlin, Mind/Body Specialist at Dixie Regional LiVe Well Center.

Janice says both things, helped her grieve. As he physical and mental fitness improved, one of her friends suggested she sign up for the senior games in power walking. Janice agreed and signed up for three events.

“My goal was to just medal. I just wanted one medal,” says Janice.

Then came training. She was walking, strength, training, and doing balance work. She then dialed in technique, focused on her heart rate, and put her mind to work.

“I don’t want my nerves to overtake my ability,” says Janice.

“She was also practicing visualizing and imagining her very best race,” says Rothlin.

Janice says he focus was turning it from an anxious moment to a fun one, and it worked. On the first day she pulled out a silver medal in the 3,000 meter. She followed that up with a gold in the 1500m and another gold in the 5k.

Janice says she plans on returning to the senior games this fall.

For more information about Dixie Regional’s LiVe Well Center, click here.

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