Check Your Health: Utah woman reveals her secret to living to be 100

KUTV Elizabeth Montoya 030817.JPG
Elizabeth Montoya. (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) Elizabeth Montoya was born February 23, 1917 in Colorado. She moved to Utah with her husband in 1947. With eight children, five boys and three girls, of her own; the size of her family has multiplied over the years.

“Eight children, 23 grandchildren, 40 great grandchildren, 19 great-great grandchildren,” says Montoya.

Add on two great-great-great grandchildren and her family’s total comes to 92!

Having just celebrated her 100th birthday, Elizabeth says her secret to longevity is to never stop moving. This includes a daily workout along with yard work, household chores, and when her husband was alive, they would dance.

“We used to go dancing every Saturday night, and I didn’t think but now I think, that was exercise,” says Montoya.

She takes zero medications, just some daily vitamins; and when it comes to diet, she says it’s nothing special but focuses on breakfast.

“My special meal for me is breakfast. That I don’t miss. I always have my oatmeal and egg for breakfast,” says Montoya.

Twice a week, Elizabeth pays a visit to her local senior center where she says she has lunch with the ladies and then plays bingo.

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