Check Your Health: Minimizing Food Waste at Home

Check Your Health - Minimizing Food Waste at Home

(KUTV) Nobody likes going through their fridge or pantry and throwing out food they realize has gone bad. Registered dietitian nutritionist Joy Musselman with Intermountain McKay-Dee Hospital stopped by KUTV to give us a few tips of how to reduce food waste at your home.

• Shop smart: Buy only what you need of perishable items and look for foods that are longer-lasting (but still nutritious) like frozen fruits and vegetables. Shopping with a menu can be key in determining what you really need to purchase.

• Store smart: Identify the best way to store perishable items. Determine if the item will last best in the fridge, freezer, or on the counter. A well-organized pantry and fridge will allow you to see what foods you have in stock and which ones need to be used first.

• Save what you can: Catch foods that are past their prime but not yet spoiled and try to “save” them. Some examples include: adding overripe fruits to smoothies or baked goods, rehydrating wilted greens, and adding “soft” vegetables to soups or stews.