Fresh Start to Fitness: The Sword Workout

Sword Workout

(KUTV) This week, Jeffrey Beck, exercise specialist with the Intermountain Medical Center Heart Institute in Murray will be demonstrating a workout using a sword (not a real one).

If you have access to a broomstick, a wooden bat or anything else laying around the house of a similar shape and size, you can do the sword workout, Beck said.

He recommends that you complete the following routine twice per week in order to rev up your heart rate, burn calories, tone up your arms and tighten your core!

1) Double Slice: Hold the sword in your right hand and straight out in front of you, palm facing upward. Bring the sword across your body, then flip your hand so your palm is now facing down. Bring the sword back to starting position. Repeat this back and forth motion 10-15 times and then switch hands. Complete 3 sets.

2) Forward Cross: Grasp the sword with both hands (right hand on top of the left hand) and stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Step forward with your right leg as you simultaneously raise the sword over your right shoulder and swing the sword down in front of you to your left side. Return to starting position and complete 10-15 reps then switch sides. Complete 3 sets per side.

3) Quick Taps: Grasp the sword with both hands (right hand on top of the left hand) and stand with your right leg forward. Push the sword out in front of you with the tip facing to the right and then quickly rotate your wrists so the tip faces the left. Do this quick motion 15 times and then switch your stance and hand placement. Complete 3 sets.