Inside the Story: 86-year-old woman has same job for almost half a century and keeps going

Inside the Story: 86-year-old woman has same job for almost half a century and keeps going (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) Most people are retired at age 86, but one grandmother is showing no signs of slowing down at her job.

Cora Powell has been working at Wilson-Davis, a brokerage firm in downtown Salt Lake, for nearly half a century.

"I love to work," she said. "Keeps me busy. And what else would I do?"

Powell was hired on Jan. 6, 1969. The company was only weeks old.

"I interviewed her and hired her on the spot," said Lyle Davis, her boss.

Davis remembers that day when Powell came looking for a job.

"I just remember that she was very outgoing and willing to do the work and gave the impression that she would keep things under control and would be a good fit with the company," Davis said.

Now 48 years later, Powell still gets up bright and early and drives herself to work three days a week.

She arrives at 7 a.m. sharp and works a full eight-hour day.

"They are very kind to me," Powell said. "If I want to get off a half hour early, they let me."

Powell said her job is all about the people. But of course, the money is nice, too.

"Number one, we have to make a living," she said. "And number two, these are great people to work for."

Plus, she doesn't know what else she would do with her time.

"I would sit around and watch television and eat more than I should," she laughed.

Things at Wilson-Davis have definitely changed in the last 48 years. In 1969, everything in the office was done on paper.

Now, everything is done electronically and Powell is keeping up with it.

"It was tough at times, but I have a lot of good help around here. They were patient with me," she said.

Time flies quickly; but Powell hopes to continue working for many more years to come -- as long as she's physically able.

Or, as she puts it, "Until they carry me out, feet first."