Inside the Story: All-girl band from Orem signs record deal

Inside the Story: Provo band made up of young women signs record deal (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) The Velour in downtown Provo is known to feature very talented bands, and one group of young ladies is no exception.

They call themselves The Aces. They are an all-girl band from Orem, Utah.

Twenty-one-year-old Cristal Ramirez is the lead singer.

Her younger sister, Alisa, is just 19-years-old and she plays the drums.

McKenna Petty, 20, is on bass, and Katie Henderson works the guitar.

"I've been playing since I was about seven years old," Henderson, 21, said.

Together they believe they're on their way to be heard far beyond Utah.

And judging by the screaming crowd at the Velour during a recent concert, it's looking very promising.

Right now The Aces are being called one of the top bands to watch for 2017.

They recently signed a major deal with Red Bull Records, released a music video with a single called "Stuck," and are working on releasing a new single.

"We are just excited to get our stuff out and let people hear what we have actually been working on," said Petty.

"We are in a fun spot. There is a lot of fun stuff to come out this year," said Alisa Ramirez.

They may be young, but these girls have been playing together for six years.

It all started about 10 years ago with the Ramirez sisters. Cristal was just 11 years old.

"We just started like playing together and I took an interest in song writing at a very young age for whatever reason," Cristal explained. "I loved music."

Cristal enlisted Alisa, and then the sisters brought Petty on board. A short time later, Henderson came into the scene.

"It's not like we planned or tried to be like, 'Oh, let's make an all-girls band for girls only,'" Henderson said. "It's just that we all are best friends and that's how it happened."

The ladies played through junior high and high school, and then it came time to make a decision.

As three of the girls graduated high school and looked into college, they had to decide if they were serious enough to keep the band going.

Alisa described their conversation to 2News: "'Okay is the band going to end? We've been in it about eight years; are we just going to let it go?' And we were like, collectively, 'No.' I was instantly happier," she said.

"We are like, very excited. Very ready," said Cristal.

One question they always get is how they came up with their name.

When they were kids, they got some great advice: come up with a color and an object.

So, they named themselves the Blue Aces.

Now, it's just The Aces.

The Aces believe that 2017 is their year to hit the big league in the music industry.

"We are shooting for the stars," said Henderson.

You can find The Aces on their Facebook page.