Inside the Story: Forbes '30 Under 30' star makes it big through YouTube and Snapchat


(KUTV) A Davis County man has become a social media sensation, even making Forbes magazine.

He's famously known across the YouTube and Snapchat world as Shonduras.

"My name is Shaun, and when I went on a mission to Honduras everyone was like, 'Hey, Shaun is back from Honduras,' and it kind of stuck," said Shaun McBride, of his nickname.

Shonduras is a video blogger, or vlogger, who posts daily stories.

His stories have millions of views and currently, he has over 900,000 subscribers on YouTube.

"One of my buddies once called me a 'professional fun-haver' and it just kind of stuck," he said.

But there's more to his job than just having fun.

There is also a message behind it all, and that's why Shonduras calls his videos the "best days ever."

"Just like to spread the positive passion for life, do cool stuff and make sure that every day is the best day ever," Shonduras said.

His story began several years ago when he started selling jewelry on Facebook. He then took his marketing skills to Snapchat.

"I started reaching out to brands to show how Snapchat could be a relevant marketing tool. The first brand that responded with interest was Disney," he said. "I really kind of invented marketing and advertising in that space and that app."

And now, Shonduras has an entire team of vloggers working alongside him, producing and posting daily videos. The team is comprised of guys with nicknames like "Tall Chicken," "Pookie," and "Holladay."

Because of all his viewers, companies pay Shonduras to plug their product.

"Every time someone watches an ad, it's a fraction of a penny, but if lots of people watch your videos then all those fractions of a penny add up--and then my daughter goes to college," joked Shonduras.

His skills earned Shonduras a spot in Forbes magazine's "30 Under 30" in marketing and advertising.

"If you want to get your product to millennials, or the younger demographic, then you use social media," he said.

To watch Shonduras and his team in action, you can visit his YouTube page or follow him on Snapchat: @Shonduras.