Inside the Story: Hiker determined to finish epic adventure despite broken hip

Inside the Story: Hiker determined to finish epic adventure despite broken hip (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) Last year, Signe Gines set out on a "Hike for Healing" in the name of cancer awareness.

But just weeks away from finishing her journey on the Pacific Crest Trail, Gines broke her hip.

The Pacific Crest Trail is 2,650 miles long, and extends from the Canadian Border in Washington, travels through Oregon, down into California, and eventually ends at the Mexico border near San Diego.

"So rewarding and fulfilling," Gines said of her epic hike.

Gines, 54, battled lymphoma in 2015, and decided to set out on the Hike for Healing while her cancer was in remission. She left on July 14th of last year, and was supposed to finish on November 8th.

But just three weeks from the finish line, she got a very sharp pain in her left leg.

"It was just excruciating," she recalled. "I got up off the ground and I went to take a step, and my left leg completely gave out on me and I immediately fell."

Turns out, Gines had broken her hip. She remembers falling about 500 miles earlier in the trek.

Fortunately, Gines met ex-Marine Tim Toomey on the trail.

He loaded Gines on his back and carried her for more than a mile to get help.

"It was incredible," Gines said. "He said, 'See, my mom knew you needed me.'"

Toomey's own mother died of cancer while he was hiking the trail.

Gines has now had a total hip replacement is planning to finish the remaining 300 miles.

"I'm not done," she told Dan Rascon.

And giving up is not in her vocabulary. She has climbed 49 of Colorado's 56 mountain tops that are 14,000 feet or higher.

One month after her cancer treatment, she went on a two-week, 178-mile backpacking trip in Idaho and climbed three volcanos in Oregon soon after.

She hopes these trips and finishing her Hike for Healing will send a message to others.

"This whole process is just showing people despite challenges, you don't give up, you just get out and you do it," she said.

Gines got back on the trail on April 30th, and hopes to finish on Mother's Day, May 13th.

The first time around she raised more than $10,000 for cancer awareness.

To follow her journey, you can visit this website.