Inside the Story: Students work to create epic video for 2017 graduating class

Inside the Story: Students work to create epic video for 2017 graduating class (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) Two high school seniors have set out to the make the ultimate, epic video for graduation day.

Megan Quinn and Fayth Melton are student body officers at Herriman High School and want to interview every student in the class of 2017 before graduation.

That's 825 students.

They asked each senior the same questions, including: what one word they would use to describe high school, who impacted them the most, and their favorite high school memory.

"You can tell if kids enjoyed high school or didn't enjoy high school, depending on their answers," Quinn said.

It's something that hasn't been done at Herriman High before. And in order to talk to the entire graduating class, Quinn and Melton had to interview about 75 kids every other day.

After each session, the students downloaded the video and started editing.

"We want it to be in an hour time frame so when the parents come in, when they are sitting down waiting for their kids to graduate, they can watch," said Quinn.

The video project was pitched to the girls back in December. At the time, they were told to interview just a handful of students, but they insisted on doing the entire senior class.

"Because it's not just a few students. That's not what high school's about -- or Herriman. We are family," Quinn said.

"So what we really wanted to do as our last hurrah as a family -- just having the last memories and sharing them with all the students," Melton said.

But the project has turned into more than just a montage of interviews. It has opened their eyes to what their classmates are experiencing.

"You see these kids in the halls every day, and you don't know what their experience is or what their passions are," Melton said. "And when people share those, it just kind of creates a bond."

Graduation day for the Mustangs will take place on June 1 at the Maverik Center.

The girls estimate when they are done with the video, they will have put in about 300-plus hours into the project.

They hope to play it again at the class of 2017's 10-year reunion.