Inside the Story: Utah teen scientist shares electrifying experiments on YouTube


(KUTV) A teen scientist from Utah County is making a name for himself with some mind-blowing, electrifying experiments.

Nate Stone, 17, has an intense craving to get out and explore -- especially when it comes to the worlds of science and electricity.

"It's something almost magical because it's these things that you can't truly see with your eye and it performs all these amazing things around us," Stone said.

He is taking his scientific experiments to social media where he created his own YouTube channel, where he posts weekly experiments.

He calls it Keystone Science.

"I like keystone; in the way that it sort of means like the pinnacle point about how everything falls, but also how it alludes to my last name," Stone said.

According to his mother, his fascination started in kindergarten, when he had to do a science project.

"He chose to do magnetism, and he got these magnets and figured out that they could do all of these really cool things with energy, and it kind of just grew from there," Melinda Stone said.

The family shed has now become Nate Stone's lab -- a place where is mom is never quite sure what is going to happen.

"I see flashes and I kind of make sure he's OK, that the shed isn't burning down," she said.

Nate Stone writes his ideas for experiments in a little black book. Getting those ideas to actually work takes a lot of trial and error.

"I probably fail about 20 times before I get something right," he said.

And it can come with some physical pain; 2,000 volts shot through him during one experiment.

"My head felt all dizzy for the next week, so that was a pretty bad shock," he said.

Nate Stone's hero is the great 19th century inventor and scientist Nikola Tesla, who he painted a portrait of in school.

"What I like about Nikola Tesla is that he was kind of a visionary for his time in the way that he invented all of these complex systems that we use now," Nate Stone said.

He hopes he, too, can one day make a mark in history with his electric mind.

"Try to inspire people to I guess just be creative and develop a passion inside of them for science and engineering," he said.

To watch Nate Stone's experiments, you can visit his YouTube channel.