Parade of Homes Show - Episode 11

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Parade of Homes Show.mp4.png

Justin Cooper of Visionary Homes describes his home building business and introduces us to "The Remington".

Erin Boekweg, Seth Gibson, and Eric Carter from Floor & Decor Design Studio tell us how much they enjoy their business and their abilities to give a home design what it needs. Travis Smith of Smith Tile describes his business and how to get a great quality tile installation. Again, we meet Keith and Amanda Trickett as they describe The Closet Factory and the unique products they can provide for your home.

Lisa Coltman and Tom Vayda describe their custom designed home that Richard Hunt of Ridgeline Construction was able to help them accomplish.

Dan Mooy of Garbett Homes shows us the ultra-energy efficient home design called "The Chandler Plan" and describes the new standards emerging for energy efficient homes.