Pay it Forward: Birthday Cakes 4 Free


(KUTV) It's common to see people blow out candles on a cake for their birthday.

But many people don't get a sweet treat on their special day.

The group Birthday Cakes 4 Free makes birthday cakes for kids, seniors, or people with special needs who normally wouldn't get one.

The Northern Utah chapter of Birthday Cakes 4 Free was started by Nancy Hedin, whose hobby is making cakes.

"I used to watch my mom do them as a kid," she said. "Kind of a good getaway for me."

She wanted to get in some practices, but "didn't want to eat all of the cakes."

Someone suggested to look in to Birthday Cakes 4 Free, which was based out of California. There wasn't a chapter in Utah, so she started one.

"We've got 50 volunteers and all of the volunteers provide their own supplies--cake mixes, frosting, everything," Hedin explained.

The volunteers will create birthday cakes for people with special needs and kids who are homeless or in foster homes.

"A lot of kids that we have done cakes for haven't had cake in years," Hedin said. "Some of them have never had cakes."

Birthday Cakes 4 Free also provides birthday treats for seniors through Salt Lake County Aging Services or who just need some extra love.

"They don't have very much family support," Hedin said.

The cakes are personalized for the birthday boy or girl.

"We'll customize as much as we can," said Hedin.

Volunteers can deliver the cakes, meet someone for pick-up, or do whatever is needed to get to cake where it needs to go.

Requests for the group have been growing. Last year, volunteers made over 250 cakes.

Birthday Cakes 4 Free could always use more volunteers or help with supplies.

"There's always room for more help," Hedin said.

Mountain America Credit Union donated $500 to help Hedin and the other Birthday Cakes 4 Free volunteers.

If you'd like to donate, Hedin says you can do so through the general Birthday Cakes 4 Free website and specify it's for the Northern Utah Chapter.

If you want to request a birthday cake for someone in need, you can fill out a form for consideration at the chapter's Facebook page. The person receiving the cake should be someone in need.

You can also contact Nancy Hedin for volunteer information on that Facebook page.