Pay it Forward: Candy Cane Corner

The Candy Cane Corner is a joint effort of The Road Home, the YWCA, and Volunteers of America (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) As people rush to get their shopping done, not everyone can afford Christmas for their families this year.

The YWCA, Volunteers of America, and The Road Home have come together to help families who can't afford it get what they want and need for the holidays.

"You sort of feel like Santa's helper," said Cathleen Sparrow, chief development officer for Volunteers of America.

The Candy Cane Corner was first started by the YWCA 17 years ago to allow program participants "shop" for toys, clothes and more.

"I like to say that I get to be Santa Claus," said Yen Nguyen with the YWCA.

But the Candy Cane Corner is in need of donations, especially housewares like kitchen utensils, blankets, sheets and towels.

It is also in need of items for teenagers like ear buds, gift cards, make up and hair dryers.

These organizations are also always in need of basic clothing items like socks and underwear.

"Some things are more fun to purchase than others," said Sparrow.

Hundreds of people will be helped through this program.

"This has just been a really meaningful experience," said Nguyen.

These organizations could use donations like these year-round, especially the essentials.

Mountain America Credit Union donated $500 to the Candy Cane Corner to help them get more supplies for the store.

If you'd like to help, you can still drop off new items to the Candy Cane Corner located at 200 South 340 West in Salt Lake City.

For more information and to make monetary donations, visit the Candy Cane Corner website.