Pay it Forward: Changing lives globally

Families wait in line to see Santa Claus while picking up their gifts donated by volunteers with Changing Lives Globally (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) Changing Lives Globally gave hundreds of families in need a Christmas this year.

The group was started by Dr. Cesar Diaz, who was working in the Rose Park area 16 years ago and saw a need. He decided to help struggling families for Christmas every year and the needs grew and grew.

"We try to help 500 families every year," Diaz said.

Changing Lives Globally works with other charitable organizations to identify those families in need, which include homeless, women in shelters, and refugees.

"I think we all have an obligation--all of us--we have resources to provide assistance to the ones who are in need," Diaz said.

This year, people donated money, toys, clothes, and supplies to give to families. Others "adopted" entire families to make sure they got a Christmas.

"My girls are definitely going to be shocked," said one recipient. "They didn't think Santa would know where they were this year."

Mountain America Credit Union donated $500 to help the effort this year.

Changing Lives Globally does more than just Christmas projects. They also provide international humanitarian services and do a special project for Mother's Day.

If you'd like to get involved, visit their website.