Pay it Forward: Clowns bring treats & smiles to Summit County seniors

Pay it Forward: Clowns bring treats & smiles to Summit County seniors (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) A group of clowns spend each Wednesday visiting people who could use a visit and a smile.

"Tapioca," "Korny," and "Buttons," visit the Elk Meadows Assisted Living Center in Oakley, Utah every week. They bring stickers, chocolates, and jokes with them.

"A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand," joked Buttons, who is also known as Tom Avedovech.

The clowns have been making visits like these for several years now.

"We have at least three care centers that we visit," said Kay Jensen, also known as Tapioca.

She started doing clown visits in Boise, Idaho and continued the visits when she came to Utah. She also recruited the other clowns in joining her.

They also visit patients at Park City Hospital every week.

"Clowns, for the most part, make you smile. I mean, they're about happy," said Korny, aka Phyllis Drulard.

The clowns make sure they spend time with every resident.

"We wear silly clothes and tell stupid jokes, but mostly we talk to them. They want to talk," said Avedovech.

They especially make sure those who don't see many visitors are well taken care of.

"They are so cheery and cute, you know. They fuss over us," said Rae Woodard, one of Elk Meadow's residents.

Both the clowns and residents look forward to the visits every single week.

"I get five times what they do. It's just such a joy to see smiles," said Jensen

"It's the greatest volunteer job in the world," said Drulard.

Mountain America Credit Union donated $500 to help the clowns' cause.