Pay it Forward: Family donates clothes in honor of stillborn baby every June 21st

One of the photos the Beckstrands have to keep in memory of their daughter, Emerson, who was stillborn (Photo: Courtesy Beckstrand family)

(KUTV) June 21st, is an important day for Jen Beckstrand and her family.

That's the day her daughter, Emerson, was born.

"She was stillborn at 40 weeks," said Beckstrand.

She and her husband learned Emerson had died on the day she was supposed to be induced. So when she went to Orem Community Hospital to deliver her, she didn't bring any clothes or a blanket to wrap Emerson in so she could hold her for a few precious hours.

"One of the hospital workers was really sweet and ran to the store and bought her an outfit and brought us a blanket," recalled Beckstrand.

Beckstrand and her husband got to spend only a few hours with Emerson before her body was taken away. They have photographs and that special outfit to remember her by.

So to honor her, the Beckstrands bring donated baby clothes and blankets back to Orem Community Hospital on June 21.

This year will be their fourth donation.

"I hope that people who receive these outfits and receive these blankets know that they were coming from someone who has been there," Beckstrand said.

The Beckstrands buy the outfits themselves, and friends and family members donate other outfits or money.

"We always want every baby to have something to wear, something to be wrapped in," Beckstrand said.

Mountain America Credit Union donated $500 to help Beckstrand and her family get more outfits and blankets to donate this year.

So far, they have collected over 100 outfits and 30 blankets. They have enough that they will split this year's donation between Orem Community Hospital and Utah Valley Hospital.

The Beckstrands encourage others to honor families who have been through the same sad situation by donating clothes and blankets to other hospitals. Someone will be donating to Primary Children's Hospital this year in Emerson's honor.

If you'd like to follow their donations, or help them out, you can visit a Facebook page dedicated to Emerson.