Pay it Forward: Family's Christmas tradition is to help homeless stay warm

homeless 3.jpg
The Durboraws filled up a trailer with supplies to give to the homeless (Photo provided by the Durboraw family)

(KUTV) A Utah family's Christmas tradition is to collect clothes all year long in order to help keep the homeless warm during these winter months.

Doug and Judy Durboraw spend their weekends throughout the year at garage sales and buy warm coats, boots, sleeping bags, duffel bags, and other items.

"We start in the early spring, go through until the end of summer," said Doug Durboraw.

They take the clothes and supplies and fill their storage shed.

Christmas morning, they gather their kids and grandchildren and hand out the items in areas where many homeless people gather.

"Everything we have, it seems like we run out way too quick," Durboraw said.

This has been a Christmas tradition for the Durboraws for decades.

"I go to bed Christmas night knowing that perhaps a couple of hundred people will be warmer for what we have done," said Durboraw.

They hope to provide this warmth for many years to come.

"We're going to do everything in our power to continue this, to make sure that the little we can do is of some help to these people in this desperate need," Durboraw said.

Mountain America Credit Union donated $500 to help the Durboraws with their Christmas cause.

"It was a tremendous help and we're so appreciative," Durboraw said of the donation. "That went a long ways. A long ways."

If you want to help the Durboraws gather items for the homeless this year, they have set up a Facebook page for their efforts.