Pay it Forward: Forever Cheer's Team Passion


(KUTV) A pair of high school cheerleading coaches, who are married, want to share their love of cheer with everyone.

So at their gym, Forever Cheer in West Jordan, they teach a team of special needs cheerleaders that the sky's the limit when it comes to the sport.

Team Passion practices on Wednesday evenings. Right now, they have about 10 team members.

"We have any where from 12 year olds to 43 year olds," said Ulbby Dyson, who co-owns the gym with her husband, Reginald.

This is the second season for Team Passion.

Ulbby Dyson is the head cheerleading coach at Copper Hills High School; Reginald coaches at Riverton High.

The Dysons felt it was important that people with special needs get a chance to learn the sport.

"When these guys get an opportunity to be the stars of the show, it is truly life-changing," said Reginald.

Anyone with any disability is welcome to Team Passion.

Volunteers from the community, as well as the Dysons' students come to help teach the class.

Cheerleaders learn to tumble, jump, do stunts--anything other cheerleaders would learn.

"We wanted them to be able to have the opportunity to do anything that any high school kid, any of us have done," said Ulbby.

Team Passion also competes in regional and national competitions.

Sarah Ulrich, whose daughter Madison is one of the cheerleaders, says the class has helped her learn how to work with a team.

She has even seen changes in Madison, who has autism.

"Her self-esteem and the way she behaves is so much better because of what they provide here for us," Ulrich said.

The Dysons don't charge the special needs athletes or their families to be on Team Passion. Their cheer shoes and uniforms are sponsored. Anything else that needs to be paid for is covered by the Dysons.

They also expect more athletes will join the team.

"I get the feeling that this team is going to be pretty large," said Reginald.

Mountain America Credit Union donated $500 to Forever Cheer to help keep Team Passion going.

Forever Cheer also has other classes and teams.

For more information, visit Forever Cheer's website.