Pay it Forward: Fundraiser Friday

Tammi Nordfors has a lot of people who help her prep and bake for Fundraiser Friday, including her husband (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) A Utah woman is helping out people in her community with her supreme baking skills.

A few years ago, Tammi Nordfors started something she calls "Fundraiser Friday" to raise money for a neighbor with leukemia.

She knew she wanted to give his family money, and decided that she could bake to raise the funds.

"It's a way I can help people," Nordfors said.

Nordfors and her friends have made bread, rolls, breadsticks, cinnamon and sweet rolls, chocolates, frozen cookie dough, popcorn, and more for Fundraiser Friday.

When 2News caught up with Nordfors, she was making artisan bread with different fillings to raise money for another neighbor who is paralyzed.

"He needs a medical bed," said Nordfors.

Nordfors does the fundraisers at least once a month.

Duerden's Appliance in Bountiful lets Nordfors use its ovens and store space to sell the baked goods.

Right before her first fundraising event, Nordfors' oven stopped working. So she called Duerden's for help, and ever since, they've donated the equipment.

"It was a miracle," she said.

Fundraiser Fridays have helped neighbors, friends, and even perfect strangers.

One of those strangers was Traci Green. Earlier this year, her son Michael was hit and killed by a stolen car.

Nordfors and her team heard about the tragedy and got to baking for the Greens, even though they didn't know the family.

"Tammi is amazing," Green said. "I can't thank her enough."

Green says she won't fully heal from the horrible experience of her son's death, but the fundraiser restored her faith in humanity.

"There are still good people, that's the main thing," Green said.

When Nordfors holds a Fundraiser Friday, the community just pours in to donate. They can contribute whatever amount they choose to the cause.

"It's amazing how many people come," she said.

Although Nordfors loves baking, her main goal is to make sure the people she is helping knows that they are loved.

"How do they know that their community was effected by what happened to them, that they're not just a news story or something that happened--that there's really people who care," she said.

Nordfors and her helpers buy all the supplies themselves.

Mountain America Credit Union donated $500 to help further the cause of Fundraiser Friday.

If you would like to help, or to learn about any upcoming fundraisers, you can visit the Fundraiser Friday Facebook page.