Pay it Forward: Girl who is now cancer-free donates to hospital that saved her life

2015 drive 2.jpg
Izzy brings the items to Primary Children's around April 11th, her cancer-free anniversary (Photo provided by Jennie Burnside)

(KUTV) Izzy Abernethy knows what it's like to be stuck in the hospital.

When she was four years old, she was diagnosed with Wilms Tumor, a form of kidney cancer.

Now she is cancer free, and is giving back to Primary Children's Hospital.

Izzy and her mom, Jennie Burnside, are collecting fun items for kids who are being treated at Primary Children's.

"They shouldn't be in the hospital," said Burnside. "They should be out having fun doing the things normal kids do."

This is the sixth year Izzy has been cancer free. Every year around her cancer-free anniversary, April 11th, she and her mom donate things like Play-Doh and bubbles to take to Primary Children's Hospital.

"We like to celebrate and really just give back to the hospital that saved her life," Burnside said.

Burnside remembers Izzy would play with these items while she was having cancer treatment.

"Every kid in there just needs something to take their mind off what's going on," Burnside said.

Izzy listed off a few items they've collected in the past: "bubbles, colored pencils, the window markers."

This year she has a specific goal she wants to reach.

"Five-thousand Play-Dohs and 300 nail polishes," she said.

Mountain America Credit Union donated $500 to help Izzy and her mom get more supplies to reach her goal.

For this yearly donation, Izzy's friends and family ship items to her home or drop them off at Burnside's work. There are also a couple of businesses that are volunteering to be drop-off locations.

They hope to collect everything by April 14th.

If you would like to drop off any Play-Doh or nail polish for Izzy's cause, here is a list of drop-off locations:

eBay: 585 E eBay Way, Draper

A residence: 2266 Old Rosebud Lane, South Jordan

Colvin Engineering: 233 W 300 N Suite #200, Salt Lake City

Utah Fusion All-Stars: 3392 W 8600 South, West Jordan

Monumetric: 42 N 650 W, Farmington