Pay it Forward: Heart & Soul

Pat & Roy performs at a Salt Lake assisted living center (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) Hundreds of Utah musicians are banding together to bring music to those who aren't able to get out and see or hear a show.

The group calls themselves "Heart & Soul."

"Heart & Soul provides music and entertainment for isolated populations," said Paige Meriwether, a board member with Heart & Soul.

Musicians volunteer their time and talents to stir memories and create smiles for seniors and more.

"There will be a song that they remember from their past and they participate with you," Meriwether said. "It's magic. It's just absolutely magic."

Heart & Soul performers frequently play at the Avenues Courtyard Assisted Living Center in Salt Lake City.

Resident Mike Slaughter never misses a show.

"Every time they come here, people make it a point to come down and watch whatever presentation they're doing," Slaughter said.

Heart & Soul does over 1,000 shows every year, with about 350 acts performing. They play from Weber County to Utah County.

Any money donated to the charity goes towards stipends for the musicians so they're able to put on the shows.

But, they often donate that money right back to Heart & Soul.

"Heart & Soul has kind of a saying: 'Hear the love,'" said Meriwether. "And that really sums it up."

The performers and their music make connections with their audience -- really touching their heart and souls.

"Having entertainment and something to look forward to, it's just absolutely magic," Meriwether said.

Mountain America Credit Union donated $500 to help Heart & Soul continue their music and the magic.

Heart & Soul is part of Love Utah Give Utah this year.

If you'd like to contribute, visit this link.

You can also get more information at the Heart & Soul website.