Pay it Forward: Nurturing Nations rescues children in crisis and with special needs

Pay it Forward: Nurturing Nations rescues children in crisis and with special needs (Photo provided by Laura Belk)

(KUTV) Laura Belk is a mother of nine children--four of whom have special needs.

She adopted her daughter, Kai, from Ghana. Kai has Down Syndrome and was left abandoned.

"She was starving, she was searching for food," Belk said.

Belk learned that it was common practice in some countries to abandon, and even kill, children with special needs.

"There are children that are dying, that are being killed, that we could save," Belk said.

So she founded the nonprofit Nurturing Nations.

"We have to be the voice in order to save them from the horrific things that they're having to deal with," she said.

And it isn't just children with special needs who are suffering. In Ghana, kids are being sold into the slave trade, kidnapped, trafficked, and more.

"This is our goal is to change the view toward these children and to show that every life is of value," Belk said.

Nurturing Nations is working on building a safehouse and a school in Ghana to rescue and educate these children.

Volunteers also go on humanitarian missions to help with construction of the buildings and work with families with whatever needs they may have.

They fund their own trips so that any money they raise can go right to the kids.

Mountain America Credit Union donated $500 to help their efforts.

On Thursday, March 22nd, Nurturing Nations will hold a joint fundraiser with Operation Underground Railroad.

The Ladies Spa Night will be from 7pm-10pm at The Leonardo.

"They can be pampered and have a wonderful evening together," Belk said of the event.

For tickets, go here.

And for more information on Nurturing Nations and how else you can help, visit the Nurturing Nations website.