Pay it Forward: Project Puppy Luv

Project Puppy Luv brings service dogs to the Hunter Hollow care center in West Valley City (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) A woman with epilepsy says her seizure alert dogs have saved her life. So now she wants to return the favor to others.

Shanna Wilkinson brings her service dogs, Alaska and Kya, to the Hunter Hollow care center in West Valley City to visit its residents several times a year.

"We collect stuffed puppies and do goodie bags and pass them out on different holidays," she said.

She calls the therapy visits Project Puppy Luv.

"When you feel down and everything, the dogs will help you get back up," said Shannon Buchanan, who is a resident at Hunter Hollow.

Residents look forward to every visit by the dogs with Project Puppy Luv.

"It's just great that someone really cares about us," said Buchanan.

Along with Alaska and Kya, a few other dogs join in for these special visits.

Wilkinson started the visits and other projects with her first service dog, Holly.

"She was a seizure alert dog and she saved my life," Wilkinson said.

Wilkinson has epilepsy and her dogs warn her before a seizure hits.

"They're security. They're my lifeline," she said.

So with what she calls this "second chance at life," Wilkinson wanted to do whatever she could to help others.

"Our goal is to just make a difference," she said. "We see where we're needed and we try and help."

Wilkinson doesn't do visits through Project Puppy Luv. Her projects include a drive for local animal shelters and rescues, fundraising for the Chelsea Hutchinson Foundation (an epilepsy foundation), and more.

"That's our whole motto is to 'paw it forward,'" she said.

Mountain America Credit Union donated $500 to help Wilkinson with her different causes.

To see what she's been working on and to help, you can visit her Facebook page titled "Holly and Alaska-Through Our Eyes."