Pay it Forward: Viewmont High senior helps classmates get scholarships for college

Pay it Forward: Viewmont High senior helps classmates get scholarships for college (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) A senior at Viewmont High School wants all of her classmates to be able to afford to go to college.

Whitney Holman got her entire school involved in an effort to fund nine scholarships for Viewmont students.

"When I was trying to find scholarships for college, it was so hard," Holman said.

She discovered that most college scholarships were based on grades or extracurricular activities. So she wanted to do something a little different.

"No grades, no GPA or ACT scores. It's just who you are and who you've become during high school," she said.

Holman's scholarships are based on nine virtues valued by the Viewmont High School Vikings: courage, perseverance, honor, self-reliance, hospitality, fidelity, discipline, industriousness, and truth.

Any of the school's seniors are eligible for a scholarship.

"She stressed from the beginning, 'This is going to be open to everybody,'" said Shawn Johnson, assistant principal.

Holman got students to nominate other students based on the virtue they thought they represented.

Those nominations helped teachers make their own nominations, and those who were picked were invited to write an essay.

"I've gotten a really good response," Holman said.

Teachers are now scoring the essays to help Holman determine who will receive the nine scholarships.

"We're proud. We're proud that she's one of us and that she's representing our school the way she is," said Johnson.

Holman hopes to raise $9,000 to fund the scholarships--$1,000 for each scholarship. She has been working with the community and local businesses to raise money.

Mountain America Credit Union donated $500 to help with the effort. The donation got Holman to her minimum goal of $4,500.

Holman and her classmates are holding a "Spirit Night" at the Centerville Chick-fil-A on Tuesday, May 9.

You can go into the restaurant located at 540 N., 800 West in Centerville from 5-7p.m. and tell them you want to contribute to Viewmont High.

Chick-fil-A will give part of the money made that night to Viewmont High School for the scholarships.