Pay it Forward: Woman makes blankets for pediatric patients around Utah

Cristy Daniels' blankets are given to babies and children who are patients in several pediatric departments at Utah Valley Hospital (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) A Utah County woman's hobby has transformed into an act of kindness for children in the hospital.

Cristy Daniels has always made blankets for her family and friends.

“What's more comforting than a blanket?” she said.

One of her co-workers at Utah Valley Hospital mentioned to her that it would be nice to see her blankets on the pediatric patients. So Daniels started bringing the blankets for the children that she helped at the hospital.

She has now donated over five thousand blankets in three years.

Daniels also gives blankets to her co-workers, who are Life Flight nurses. They take those blankets to other Utah hospitals and even to facilities in surrounding states.

“These people are in need and we're actually able to share something with them,” said Michael Grenny.

The group also supplies blankets for many homeless shelters in the state.

“It's been really nice that we can supply really almost an unlimited amount of blankets for them,” Grenny said.

The blankets have brought a lot of comfort to kids who come in to the hospital for treatments, tests and surgeries.

“It makes a difference,” said Heidie Kossman, whose daughter has received multiple blankets at the hospital. “It just comforts her when she's hurting or not feeling good.”

Daniels buys the fabric herself. Some of it is donated.

And even after thousands of hours spent making the blankets, Daniel's isn't planning on slowing down any time soon.

“I'll be making blankets until either there's no more children in crisis, or I die, whichever comes first,” she said.

Mountain America Credit Union donated $500 to Daniels so she can continue making blankets.