Person 2 Person: Christopher Gorham

Person 2 Person: Christopher Gorham ("We Love You, Sally Carmichael!" photo courtesy GO FILMS)

(KUTV) Christopher Gorham is an actor and director whose latest film project, "We Love You, Sally Carmichael!" is now playing in Utah theaters.

"I couldn't be more excited to share this film with the city in which we filmed it," Gorham told Shauna Lake.

The film is about an author named Simon Hayes who is embarrassed by his successful series of young adult romance novels about a girl who falls in love in with a merman. He had been hiding behind the pseudonym, Sally Carmichael.

"The story basically came from the idea of, what if Stephanie Meyer wasn't real? What if she was really this grumpy old guy who wrote a book about a vampire to make a buck and just got trapped under the massive success of it?" described Gorham.

"We Love You, Sally Carmichael" is a family-friendly film with no bad language or violence.

"It's really smart and charming and funny and romantic. It has a ton of heart," said Gorham.

Filming this movie wasn't Gorham's first experience in Utah.

He started his acting career in Utah with the movie "Life Less Ordinary" and also filmed "My Girlfriend's Boyfriend" in Salt Lake. He also portrayed an LDS missionary in "The Other Side of Heaven."

"Filming this movie was kind of a close-circle moment for me. It was really beautiful," he said. "I thought it was really special that my directing career was going to start here as well."

Gorham had wanted to be an actor since he was in fourth grade.

"The truth of it is, I was probably getting a lot of attention for it and I thought it was great," he laughed. "I decided this is what I'm going to do and I've been very fortunate that it worked out."

Besides his work in film, many would recognize him from his TV roles in CBS' "2 Broke Girls," ABC's "Ugly Betty," and as Auggie on "Covert Affairs" on the USA Network.

Gorham directed a few episodes of "Covert Affairs" during his five years working on the show.

Playing Auggie was one of his favorite characters, but one of his upcoming roles may be the one he relates to the most.

In the movie, "A Boy Called Po," he plays a widowed father to a boy with autism. Gorham has a son with Asperger's.

"I know what that's like. I think that's probably been the closest to home was that role," he said.

Gorham has three children with his wife, Anel. He travels a lot as his family lives in L.A.

When he's working on a project out of town, he will fly home to be with them on the weekends.

"It's tiring and expensive, but it keeps us together," he said.

Gorham believes Utah is a special place, with a friendliness and courageousness that many outside our state don't see.

"There's so many talented people here that have so much to offer," he said. "I feel like I've stumbled upon this secret garden, because no one back home has any idea!"

"We Love You, Sally Carmichael!" is now playing in Utah theaters. For more information, visit the film's website.

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